Website of the Deichdorfmuseum Bislich

(currently still under construction)

We are a museum for dike, village and brick on the lower Lower Rhine, only approx. 400m from the Rhine dike.

With us you will learn more about:
– regional course of the Rhine – history of flood protection – village life in

"Anno Dazumal"
– village craft history – Lower Rhine bird life and why

Charlemagne was already very close here around 800 … all in a lot of space with various exhibition buildings around a courtyard. The museum is located in Bislich, a district of the Hanseatic City of Wesel. Discover us! 


Our special exhibition "Ferry Stories before 1800" (duration until 25.09.2022) expands our offers! For this purpose, we offer the following open guided tours by the curators:

the next dates will follow here soon …

We wish you a lot of fun and an interesting stay with us.

Note on museum access: All restrictions on access no longer apply. Nevertheless, we ask for tolerance, if necessary sufficient distance and observance of the hygiene rules – thank you.

More information about the museum and Bislich can also be found at

Our opening hours:

May-September Saturdays/Sundays open 14.00 – 17.00.

October-April: Open on Sundays 11.00 am – 4.00 pm.

In addition, we often offer opening hours on public holidays.

Current editions: no more. For our safety and your safety, please nevertheless observe the distance and hygiene rules. Group visits by appointment if necessary Possible. Our museum and our various exhibition areas offer plenty of space to distribute. We open on a donation basis (i.e. You do not pay admission – but we ask for donations).

For groups, the museum is also open outside the above hours upon request. Details about us also under: You can find us here:
Deichdorfmuseum Bislich,Dorfstraße
Wesel – Bislich 

Preliminary requests for group visits via the e-mail address on 

We are looking forward to your & your visit!