The website of the Deichdorfmuseum Bislich will soon be available for you with information.

We are a museum for dike, village and brick on the lower Lower Rhine. With us you will learn more
about: – regional Rhin
e course – history of flood prot
ection – village life in "An
no Dazumal" – village craft hi
story – Lower Rhine birdlif
e and why Charlemagne was very close here around 800 … all on about 750 sqm of exhibition space. The museum is located in Bislich, a district of the Hanseatic City of Wesel. Discover us! 

Until this homepage is completed, you will receive all event information under

Attention: until May 12, 2021 (inclusive) our museum has unfortunately closed. We hope to be able to reopen after that. Our opening hours this year (2021) are slightly limited due to the Corona Pandemic Mea
sures: Saturdays 2 pm
-5 pmSundays 2 pm-5 pm 

Not yet possible, but otherwise: open to groups after pre-request also outside the above times. Attention: November-end of March only open after question. Details about us can also be found at: You can find
us at: Deichdorfmuseum Bi
ße 24,46487 Bis
lich Preliminary enquiries for group visits via the e-mail address on www.bislich
.de We look forward to your visit!